7 Cool iPhone Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

7 Cool iPhone Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

  • Kristia Erasquin

iPhones have proven to be useful throughout time because of their various functional features. After many upgrades, they’ve become cleverer, handier and bigger, and these features are all packed in your phone. You would want to maximize them all, but there just might be some that you may have overlooked or have not discovered yet.

So if you’re looking for these features, we’ve listed tips on how you can unlock some of these hidden or neglected functions on your iPhone. Here, we have the simplest yet most useful tricks to life-changing hacks that will help save time and make life simpler.

Speed up charging with Airplane Mode

iphone hacks turn on airplane mode from control center speed up charging

Maximize your charging time to add every bit of charging power to your battery when you’re in a hurry. You may not be able to charge your phone entirely, but this trick boosts your charging with just one-button.

Tip: The solution is simple: stop all battery-hogging processes on your phone by turning on the Airplane Mode. It promptly ends all data transfers and other operations to save every drop of battery juice. You can find the Airplane Mode at the Control Centre.

While charging, launch the Control Centre by swiping up from the bottom of the screen then tap the aeroplane icon. Turn it off through the same method when you’re done charging. This way your battery fills up faster, adding 4% more to your charging every 30 minutes.

Snap your photos with an ingenious remote control

iphone hacks headphone camera remote control

Not everyone finds it easy to take pictures using their iPhones, especially if you’re using the smaller models. Use a remote control to snap those images if you’ve been struggling to tap on your iPhone’s screen or to press the volume button to capture those images.

Tip: Did you know you could use your headphone as your wired shutter release? There are just two things that you have to make sure for this: your headset has volume controls and is compatible with your iPhone, especially with the latest models having no 3.5 mm jack for the conventional headphone. Just plug your earphones into your iPhone and press the Volume Up to use it as a remote control.

Tell Siri how to say names properly

iphone hacks correct siri pronunciation

Are you tired of hearing Siri say your name incorrectly? You can teach Siri how to pronounce names (and get a chance to tell Siri off for once). It will be useful for searching names in your contact list and calling them through voice command.

Tip: Save these options in Siri’s memory through these steps:

  • tap and hold the Home button and say “Hey Siri” to activate it
  • say “That's not how you pronounce _____” while you’re casually talking to Siri or if you want to start teaching it immediately how to pronounce a name correctly
  • when Siri asks “OK, how do you pronounce _____?”, say the correct pronunciation
  • when Siri asks “OK, how do you pronounce _____?”listen to the options that Siri offers and choose the right one
  • if she doesn’t get it right, tap Tell Siri again
  • enunciate the name better and select the right option
  • repeat from Tell Siri again if it still doesn’t get it

Search for strong signal areas with your iPhone

iphone hacks correct siri pronunciation

Do you want to know precisely the areas in your location that have the most stable signal? Do you want to check if you can use your data while you’re travelling? Use Field Mode to help you scout places for network signals, and you’ll never have to worry about not being able to send your messages again.

Tip: Field Mode is a tool that lets you see the numerical value of your signal, so you can know what you can do with your network signal or data. Launch the tool by doing the following:

  • dial and call *3001#12345#* to launch Field Mode
  • check the numerical value of your signal
  • -50 can still let you stream in HD, -120 will be a struggle even for sending texts

Shoot photos and videos simultaneously

iphone hacks take pictures in video mode

There are times when you realise that you want to take a picture while you’re shooting a video. You may want to capture movement or shoot subjects in action, and your iPhone can do that for you.

Tip: You can do this trick through the following:

  • press the Camera icon to launch the app
  • swipe the options to get to the Video mode
  • tap on the red record button or the volume button to start shooting
  • while taking a video, press the white shutter button at the lower corner of the screen
  • wait for the screen to blink which indicates that you’ve successfully captured a photo

Note that the quality of photos that you will take will decrease, and the higher the resolution of your iPhone’s camera, the lower the resolution of your stills. Also, dropping the video resolution of your camera will not increase the resolution of your images.

Shake to erase instantly

iphone hacks shake undo redo

Touchscreen typing can be challenging, and not all of us are gifted with slender fingers. It’s easy to make errors, but quite difficult to erase. So if you’re in need of an immediate way to undo your typing on any app, your iPhone is equipped to do just that for you.

Tip: Use the Shake feature to remove all the text you’ve added since the last change you’ve made, such as your last retyping or last save. This feature is on by default on your iPhone, so all you have to do are:

  • after typing, give your iPhone a good firm shake
  • choose Undo to erase
  • repeat shaking and tapping undo to do more deleting

If ever you’ve used Shake and Undo too much, Redo with the use of the Shake feature as well. After undoing by mistake:

  • shake your iPhone again
  • choose Redo Typing

Use flash instead of ringtones for notification

iphone hacks turn on led flash for alerts notifications

Have you ever been to a party and missed a dozen calls and texts? It could get too loud at times, and you could have difficulty hearing your notifications even with vibrate. When this happens, you can activate alternative options to prompt you when these notifications arrive.

Tip: Enable the LED torch to flash when there’s a notification in Settings > General > Accessibility > LED Flash for Alerts, and switch it ON.

Now you can access these tricks to help you get around things quicker and let you do things with your iPhone better. Make sure you try all these hacks to see which ones work best for you!




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