About MINT

You always wanted a drone for your next holiday?

You have been thinking about a new iPhone for a while and you would like to take the amazing pictures an iPhone 7 or 8 can capture? At MINT we do everything to make such wishes come true.

Who we are?

We are a global e-commerce, business-to-consumer, marketplace for refurbished electronic goods and operate in many countries around the world with our homebase in Hong Kong and offices and warehouses in Europe, Australia and Asia.

What we do?

We refurbish our products to a premium quality where they can be classed as brand new. We are responsible for:

  • Sourcing;
  • Inspecting;
  • Refurbishing;
  • Testing and 

Delivering the phones, tablets, drones and many more products to your doorstep with the help of our worldwide couriers. This allows us to monitor the process of refurbishment of the devices and better quality control.

Our products:

Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a smartphone, a tablet or a drone, we have it all and much more. A refurbished drone or a refurbished smartphone is as good as a new one but for a much more affordable price.

We offer two types of iPhones: Refurbished (Grade A) and Good Condition (Grade B). Grade A - the iPhones are completely refurbished by us. Grade B - second-hand phones are not refurbished but do not have visible faults in appearance.

All our Apple and other products come with a Free 13 month warranty and smartphones and tablets are 100% SIM-free.

Green is Gold:

  • Safe manufacturing procedures
  • Extended lifecycle of each devices
  • Reducing waste of smaller electronics

Our refurbished products are essentially more beneficial, because they function and look just like new and you can buy them at a similar price to the used devices.



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