MINT Quality

MINT Is The Premium Quality You Can Trust

How do we manage our quality assurance?

We have over 40 factors that we check for quality assurance and control.

We are committed to providing the highest quality possible to ensure the appearance and the functionality of the devices are similar to their original prototype.

Our replacement parts are 100% authentic, as they are the original parts that also go into the newly manufactured electronics. You are getting value for your money, as your iPhone box also includes all the necessary accessories: charger plug, USB cable and Apple earphones that are also original parts.

Our technicians at the manufacturing factory follow a protocol where they do checks using more than 40 factors to make sure the refurbishing process has delivered premium quality products you can trust.

Some of the main features out of the 40+ are:

Home button & Fingerprint scanner Front camera & Rear camera Touch screen & Screen interface
Volume buttons Flash Display screen resolution
Silent button (on/off) Loud speaker Battery
Screen lock button Audio jack port & Charging port Microphone
MINT Quality

These quality assurances are done before and after refurbishment, so that devices are fully functional and our premium standard is achieved.



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