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What is a refurbished product?

There many terms to describe the process of making something old into what it once was: new. New in appearance and new in operation.

There is a difference between second-hand phones (Grade B) and refurbished phones (Grade A) for instance. Although refurbished phones are once second-hand, used or hand downs through multiple people, they are repaired in contrast to brand new phones.

We know what the process is when buying a new phone, you look at the quality to see if it’s reliable, and the price.

At MINT, we understand these factors. Therefore, we refurbish smartphones, tablets and many more products at the highest quality using over 40 factors before and after refurbishing and help you save up to 50% when comparing with brand new products with our affordable prices.

Of course we want happy and satisfied customers (you). And so, quality and service is our top priority. How do we ensure the premium quality of our refurbished and second-hand products?

Refurbishment process:
  1. The device is inspected for external damages and internal defects.
  2. The device is wiped clean and thoroughly repaired. Smartphones: screen replaced if necessary, faulty parts replaced with original.
  3. Another test is performed using our 40+ factors, to see if sufficiently refurbished.
  4. Once our technicians are satisfied, the refurbished electronic devices are cleaned and look good as new.

With our second-hand phones, we still ensure that they appear in good condition as well as being fully functional.

So that premium quality is guaranteed with us, and with this we give a FREE 3 - 13 month warranty for each of our refurbished devices.

Why buy a refurbished product from MINT?
  1. It is repaired to look just as new
  2. At a much lower price than brand new
  3. A FREE 3 - 13 Month warranty with your product from us

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